Take your first step into conscious parenting.

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Parents, we need to be responsible for our behavior and stop allowing unconscious irrational beliefs to dominate our responses.

Some of these beliefs are so entrenched we don’t even think about them. Like parents must “make children behave” or they won’t! We can’t trust them to be considerate of others’ needs so we must force compliance to bring it about.

The choice isn't between 'power over' or becoming a 'permissive parent'

There is a collective consciousness that informs parents to use rewards and punishments and to come down hard on children's behavior or they will just keep happening. Parents will worry about what others will think if they don't use power to control their kids and fear that there is only one alternative to power and this is permissiveness.

In fact The Guidance Approach is neither authoritarian or permissive...

It is an assertiveness model to address each issue while preserving the child's dignity and cultivating self started behavioral change.

Children are people too.

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I'm Katherine Winter-Sellery

In this training we take a look at the goals of different discipline approaches and how resentment flows are created.

We can’t teach consideration using rewards and punishments because it trains the child to focus on what they get or what will happen to them, not to consider other people’s experience of their disruption.

In fact, we can’t “make” people do things, we can only make them wish they had through punishment, and then they have ways of making us wish we hadn’t.

What you get with

A 1-hour long training video ($299 value)
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A workbook to follow along ($49 value)
Countless actionable tools to start using immediately (Priceless)
BONUS meditation video to help you and your kids alike ($99 value)

The Ultimate Conscious Parenting Kickstarter

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Are you ready to stop surviving and start THRIVING as a family unit?

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