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Katherine has helped thousands of parents create stronger relationships with their kids with strategies that create deeper connection.
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Supporting Your Child’s Journey

Dear Parents, At Conscious Parenting Revolution, we are dedicated allies of the LGTBQIA2S+ community and committed to supporting parents through the journey of raising children. As parents, we understand that guiding our children through various changes can be a challenging task, particularly when it comes to transitions and transformations that we may not have personally […]


How Do You Discipline a Child That Doesn’t Listen? Tips from a Parenting Expert


As a parenting expert, one of the most common concerns that I hear from parents is how to discipline their children when they don’t listen. It can be frustrating and overwhelming to feel like you’re losing control, especially when you’ve tried different methods to get your child to follow your instructions. However, it’s important to recognize that […]

Dear Katherine: My two girls are in competition over everything!

Hello, Conscious Parents! Welcome to “Dear Katherine,” a monthly Q&A with real-life parents/caregivers. If you’d like to submit a question of your own, email me at Dear Katherine, My two girls, aged 8 and 11, won’t stop fighting! It’s like they’re in competition for everything: who gets the bigger piece of pie, who can […]


You are not alone – CelebratingMental Health Awareness Month


Dear Reader, Every year, an average of 150,000 lives are tragically lost to drug, alcohol, and suicide-related causes in America. In the midst of the pandemic last year, the number of substance-abuse deaths rose by a devastating 18%, making 2020 the “deadliest year in drug history.” These alarming statistics highlight the fact that many individuals […]

Share this gift with a special mom in your life 💝

Is there a special mom in your life who could use some extra support? In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m opening up my calendar to the first 10 moms who could benefit from a free parenting consultation. This special gift is available from now through the end of May, but only to the first 10 people […]


The Ultimate Guide to Repairing Your Parenting Relationship: 5 Proven Ways to Become Better Partners


Troubled relationships with parenting partners are all too common. Whether parenting with a partner who sleeps next to you at night, co-parenting with an ex, or even sharing the responsibility of raising a child with grandparents, it is normal to experience ups and downs in the relationship. If you are struggling with parenting together, it […]

New Mom Must – Haves and Effective Parenting Strategies: A Guide to Navigating Parenthood

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Taking care of yourself as a new mom and adjusting to your new role can be both exciting and challenging. With so many changes happening, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next. However, having a support system and the right tools and knowledge can help you navigate this transition with […]


How Do You Explain Death To Your Child?

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There is no subject more difficult to discuss with children and teenagers than dying. Terribly, it is also a subject that so often has to be discussed as the adult also has to cope with their own grief. Discussing death with preschoolers, school-age children, and teenagers should, of course, be approached differently. Preschoolers Death becomes surprisingly […]

Compliance or Consideration:The Dangerous Truth About Obedience

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Did you know April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month? This month recognizes the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect. Abuse doesn’t always leave bruises on the outside – it can come in many forms. For many parents, the thing they wish for most is the ability to […]


What are your children actually listening to?  Who? Inner voices? Outer voices? Both?

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Control. Do you feel yourself longing for it lately?When life feels uncertain, we often respond by grasping for control in any way possible. You hyperfocus on cleaning up the house.You micromanage a project at work.You criticize your spouse for the way they do…just about anything. And you try to get your kid to “behave.” The […]