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How Do You Explain Death To Your Child?

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There is no subject more difficult to discuss with children and teenagers than dying. Terribly, it is also a subject that so often has to be discussed as the adult also has to cope with their own grief. Discussing death with preschoolers, school-age children, and teenagers should, of course, be approached differently. Preschoolers Death becomes surprisingly […]


Compliance or Consideration:The Dangerous Truth About Obedience

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Did you know April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month? This month recognizes the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect. Abuse doesn’t always leave bruises on the outside – it can come in many forms. For many parents, the thing they wish for most is the ability to […]

What are your children actually listening to?  Who? Inner voices? Outer voices? Both?

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Control. Do you feel yourself longing for it lately?When life feels uncertain, we often respond by grasping for control in any way possible. You hyperfocus on cleaning up the house.You micromanage a project at work.You criticize your spouse for the way they do…just about anything. And you try to get your kid to “behave.” The […]


East High You are not alone 💗

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At East High School the National Mental Health & Mental Fitness Summit in July 2019 brought together leaders in government, business, healthcare, education, policy makers, spiritual traditions as well as members of the community to share evidenced based best practices to support non-violence in all of these arenas.  Hosted in the 20th year following the Columbine HS school […]

School Shootings -TRAGIC expression of unmet needs, skills deficits, adverse childhood experiences, social isolation, hopelessness

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In 2017 Jillian Peterson & James Densley began studying the life histories of mass shooters in the US for a project funded by the National Institute of Justice, the research arm of the U.S. Dept of Justice. They’ve built a database and analyzed every active shooter incident in the U.S. at a K-12 school since […]


International Day for Human Rights

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One of my favorite lessons for Conscious Parenting is: Children are People, Too! Which is why here at CPR, we think it is so important to highlight this year’s International Day for Human Rights this March 24th. As you may know, I have joined the board of directors of its key partner organization, the International […]

Are You Listening to Your Child’s Side of the Story?

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Happy National Girl Scout Week! The Sellery family has always been huge Girl Scout supporters, from being in troops, to volunteering, to buying cookies still today! When I heard there was a week celebrating this incredible female driven organization, one Girl Scout Camp story came to mind and I wanted to share it with you […]


Women Supporting Women

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Did you know it’s National Women’s History Month? As a female business owner and entrepreneur, I’d like to say THANK YOU to all those who came before me and paved the way. Sometimes, being a strong powerful woman can feel very isolating. We all know the irreplaceable value of a strong, inclusive, loving support group. […]

World Teen Mental Health Day

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Mental health and wellness is a phrase you might have heard bouncing around recently, but what does it really mean? Children’s mental health and wellness sits at the heart of what we do here at the Conscious Parenting Revolution. This year, on World Teen Mental Health Day (March 2nd), we hope to clarify some common […]


Compassionate Communication: A Primer on Conscious Parenting Language

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With President’s Weekend in my home country, the United States, upon us, I wanted to touch on communication. Whether you’re leading a household or a country, great leadership stems from great communication. There’s a verse in the Bible that states, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” This proverb encapsulates what we already know […]