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Dear Katherine: My Kids Complain About Being Bored!

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Dear Katherine, When my two children are home from school, they don’t want to do anything. I try to get them involved in activities or camps (or at the very least encourage them to leave the house with me!) but they outright refuse. Then they complain that they’re bored! My older daughter, who is 13, […]


‘Twas the Night Before…

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‘Twas the night before Christmas, And all through your home, Your little ones are stirring, They won’t leave each other alone!  You went the extra mile  To bring holiday joy But it’s not what you pictured …it’s all about toys!  If that isn’t how the poem goes…it really should be!  A quiet, peaceful Christmas Eve […]

Dear Katherine: My Son Gets Anxious When We’re Apart

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Dear Katherine, My son is very nervous whenever we’re apart. When he’s at school, he wants me to be working from home so he knows that I’m there. Even if I’m just around the block, he stresses out about it.  He’s afraid that I won’t come back or that I won’t come to pick him […]


Dear Katherine: My Son Is Having Trouble Adjusting to Big Life Changes

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Dear Katherine,  Our second baby was born only a few weeks before the pandemic began.  I know my older son loves his baby brother, but I’m fearful that in addition to dealing with the huge adjustment of having a baby in the house, he associates his brother’s arrival with the negativity of the pandemic.  My […]

Dear Katherine: I’m Nervous About Being Judged This Holiday Season

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Dear Katherine, It’s our first holiday season since joining the Conscious Parenting Revolution, and I’m nervous about how my extended family will react to our new parenting style.  We’ll be spending Christmas with a large group, and I’m concerned that other family members’ tendency toward authoritarian discipline will confuse my children or undo some of […]


A Thanksgiving Message About Community

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Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!  Parenthood gives us so much to be grateful for every day—even in its most challenging moments. Feeling gratitude is important, especially at this time of year. But at Thanksgiving, I find myself thinking about another core value that ties into this holiday…  Community.  Thanksgiving is a celebration of our […]