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Katherine has helped thousands of parents create stronger relationships with their kids with strategies that create deeper connection.
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Empowering Parents: Strategies for Dealing with Hyperactive Children

Parenting a hyperactive child presents unique challenges, as every day brings its own set of highs and lows. While we cherish our vibrant children with all our hearts, some days can be a joy, while others may leave us feeling overwhelmed on how to deal with a hyperactive child, questioning ourselves, What should I do […]


Honoring Women’s Achievements: Insights from the International Women’s Day Gala 2024


I am thrilled to share my experience from the International Women’s Day Gala 2024, where I had the honor of being the keynote speaker. Held at the prestigious Taglyan Complex in Los Angeles, CA, this event was a remarkable celebration of the achievements of women worldwide. The evening was adorned with stunning performances by renowned […]

Fulfilling Support: A Journey of Support, Empathy, and Positive Podcasts

Support nourishes the soul. Securing the right support is pivotal. Whether your child’s persistent calls echo in your ears or the constant pen-clicking of a colleague leaves you exasperated, moments of frustration and stress can be overwhelming. Sometimes, all you yearn for is the comforting voice of a friend who truly understands your experience (paired […]


Parenting Through Challenges: Helping Kids Cope with Major Life Changes


Dear Katherine, Our second baby arrived shortly before the pandemic began. While my older son seems to care for his baby brother, I worry that alongside the major adjustment of having a new baby, he might link his brother’s arrival with the negative aspects of the pandemic. Considering my son’s strong-willed and opinionated nature, these […]