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Beyond Obedience: Embracing Consideration in Conscious Parenting

As we embrace April, let’s not forget that it marks National Child Abuse Prevention Month, urging us to unite as families and communities in safeguarding our children against abuse and neglect, which can manifest in various forms, often invisible to the eye. In the journey of parenthood, the desire to exert control over our children […]


Raising Champions of Character: Cultivating Empathy, Good Sportsmanship, and Integrity in Children


Have you ever heard of Ivan Fernandez? Ivan is a Spanish cross-country runner renowned for his sportsmanship and integrity on the global stage. While his athletic prowess is impressive, it’s his display of empathy and integrity that truly sets him apart. In 2013, during an international race, Ivan found himself in a remarkable situation. He […]

The Art of Positive Discipline: Practical Tips for Parents

There exists an essential distinction between discipline and guidance, a distinction that parents must grasp. Why is discipline and guidance important? Typically, when individuals mention “discipline,” they refer to authoritarian discipline. The concept of another approach seldom crosses their minds. Discipline entails yielding to authority, while guidance involves assisting the child in discovering their own […]


What Does Easter Mean to You?


In this ever-changing season of life, it’s natural to ponder the significance of new beginnings. As spring blooms around us and Easter approaches, it’s an opportune moment to delve into the deeper meanings behind these celebrations. What Easter day means, rooted in early Christianity, holds profound symbolism intertwined with ancient traditions. Originating as a melding […]

Empowering Parents: Strategies for Dealing with Hyperactive Children

Parenting a hyperactive child presents unique challenges, as every day brings its own set of highs and lows. While we cherish our vibrant children with all our hearts, some days can be a joy, while others may leave us feeling overwhelmed on how to deal with a hyperactive child, questioning ourselves, What should I do […]


Honoring Women’s Achievements: Insights from the International Women’s Day Gala 2024


I am thrilled to share my experience from the International Women’s Day Gala 2024, where I had the honor of being the keynote speaker. Held at the prestigious Taglyan Complex in Los Angeles, CA, this event was a remarkable celebration of the achievements of women worldwide. The evening was adorned with stunning performances by renowned […]

Fulfilling Support: A Journey of Support, Empathy, and Positive Podcasts

Support nourishes the soul. Securing the right support is pivotal. Whether your child’s persistent calls echo in your ears or the constant pen-clicking of a colleague leaves you exasperated, moments of frustration and stress can be overwhelming. Sometimes, all you yearn for is the comforting voice of a friend who truly understands your experience (paired […]


International Women’s Day Event


I am beyond excited to announce I will be the keynote speaker at the International Women’s Day Gala 2024! Come join us for a unique, magical International Women’s Day Gala, a 5 Course Dinner with a specially prepared menu, live music and a fashion show highlighting the designs of international fashion designer Gordana Gehlhausen (GOGA), […]

Parenting Through Challenges: Helping Kids Cope with Major Life Changes

Dear Katherine, Our second baby arrived shortly before the pandemic began. While my older son seems to care for his baby brother, I worry that alongside the major adjustment of having a new baby, he might link his brother’s arrival with the negative aspects of the pandemic. Considering my son’s strong-willed and opinionated nature, these […]


Nurturing Through Words: The Art of Compassionate Communication in Parenting


With President’s Weekend upon us in the United States, it’s an opportune moment to delve into the essence of communication. Whether steering a household or a country, exceptional leadership finds its roots in effective communication. A timeless biblical verse resonates, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue,” underscoring the profound impact words […]